Pick your base TV package

There are 2 great base packages available for you to choose from. Each one has been crafted to provide the best TV experience and selection for a competitive price. All TV package packages are cumulative, that is the higher package include all the channels from the lower package plus more news, informational and film channels added. All channels in packages are HD quality where available, at no extra cost to you.

Skinny package $25.00/month 43 channels

Must have channels including locals , Americal networks including east and west coast, news, and weather channels.


Skinny Channel List

Loaded package $47.50/month 84 channels

Includes all must have channels from skinny package plus premium TVA Sports channel package, news channels CTV News, LCN, CBC News, CNN, Disney XD, Showcase, MovieTime, and many more.



Loaded Channel List